Bite Me!

Potent, Delicious, Every Time.



Our Creations

We use nothing but the best ingredients. Our products are always baked fresh. We price our products so that you cannot make them at home for any less.


Rice Krispies

Super crispy and chewy puffed rice and marshmallow bars with over 7 flavors to choose from ranging from our award-winning Fruity flavor to our exclusive S’mores you will find the perfect rice krispy that fits your mood.


Soft, tasty, sweet, delicious, buttery, moist, crumbly. However you choose to describe it one thing is for sure. These cookies are POTENT.


Our idea for the perfect brownie is fudginess, chewiness, gooeyness, chocolateyness. We are well aware that hardly any of those are adjectives are actual words, But how else could you describe the ultimate brownie?

Cocannanut Oil

Medicated coconut oil. Best used to cook, bake, and/or as a topical ointment

TKO Rewards Program

save up our labels and mail them in to get free TKO merchandise. 


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